The Apple and I a Journey

Return To Kauai

G'Day, Fellow Travelers!!
Today, The Apple & I invite you on a little detour! 
Another journey taken a few years back.
With all the sadness surrounding the Boston Marathon attack,
The Apple & I are hoping this joyous story will be soothing and healing.
Love and prayers for peace and kindness in our world.

Return To Kauai

Ah, Kauai!!  Playground of my youth.
As ...

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Kitchen Conniptions


To recap the journey thus far for The Apple & I
Seed planted?  Check!  Name chosen?  Check!

Next?  WHERE to  produce my sweet little miss Apple Bliss?? 
Cuz the days of whippin' something up in your own kitchen
to sell publicly are gone, baby, gone!!! 

You must utilize a commercial kitchen. 
This meant The Apple & I needed to either build our own facility (Ka-ching!!!!)
or rent someone else's (much more feasible).  But whose?

I thought about my vendors.  What vendors?? may well be asking. 
I see a little backstory is in order here,

As a way to give back to the community in which I practiced,
I had started a Farmers' Market. 
There was an adorable little park smack dab in the middle of town
I felt would be a lovely setting. 
Why should I schlepp to surrounding towns' markets when this cute little park
was just sittin' there begging to have a market all its' own?

You see, waaaaaay back before I'd become a Doctor of Chiropractic,
I'd had a hotel career.
I was a Sales Manager which meant I booked conventions for a living. 
That was, in fact, how I'd met my husband: 
we always joke that I didn't get the meeting but I'd gotten the
Meeting Planner, hahaha!!  But, I digress.

Anyways - I booked everything from small intimate board meetings
 up to large conventions & trade shows. 
Therefore, I understood that, logistically speaking,
Farmers' Markets are simply outdoor trade shows with special permits. 

So, practically lickety split,
I had one up & running and it is still going strong to this day! Yay! 
These are the vendors I was thinking of. 
Naturally - most of them were farmers (duh!)
but I also had prepared food booths + lots of local artists (love me my artists!!).

The Apple & I chose a particular vendor who had a kitchen
conveniently nearby + was interested in renting his facility. 
Perfect!  Or so I thought....

Alas!  Dealing with this individual one-on-one proved to be quite unsettling. 
Although I had spoken to him on the phone re: his food booth at my market,
from then on I had dealt exclusively with his employees, never him.

Turns out, in person, he was a patriarchal old coot...
...which, ok, whatever,
BUT...He was also a leering horny old goat and
The Apple & I could not be around that kind of energy!! 
So, I had to boot the coot,

And, as the fickle finger of fate would have it,
my "boot the coot" quickly became moot
cuz my husband & I ended up relocating shortly thereafter.

The Apple & I were now in a new town and still in need of a kitchen.

Despite my experience with the horny old goat,
I still felt a Farmers' Market would be my best bet to connect
with a suitable commercial kitchen.

This feeling proved fruitful (hahaha!)
when The Apple & I met an affable old gentleman
selling killer pickles and preserves. 
"Could be, could be", he responded to my inquiry about renting his kitchen:
"You'll have to talk to the Mrs...she's the boss!!"

Talk to the Mrs. I did and everything started falling into place. 
Their kitchen was very close by, the fee they requested was less than half
what the horny old goat had expected and,
best of all, they seemed to take a real shine to me.

The Mrs., in particular, wanted to take me under her wing:
shepherding me thru the bureaucracy maze
re: all necessary paperwork, insurance, permits, etc...etc...etc. 
Plus, she vowed to pave my way into the local
Farmers' Markets as she knew all the key players.

Heaven!!  The Apple & I had found a home!!

Join us here next week as The Apple & I continue our exciting journey!!

Meanwhilst, please leave a comment as I enjoy your thoughts. 
Hey foodies out there:  How did you find YOUR kitchen??

Till next time: 

My Lady Rainbow


The Apple & I
are taking a little break from our journey.  A poetic pause, hahaha! 
Meanwhile: here's a sweet side trip for you!!  I grew up on boats in Honolulu. 
Hope you enjoy encountering My Lady Rainbow 
as much as I did that long ago stormy morn! 

When morning came --
I left my boat and stepped ashore
into the glories of a rain-washed world.
My steps took me down the dock and to the small rocky beach
cradled between the harbor walls.

There I stood gazing out to sea
at the heavy water-saturated sky.
The clouds sat low and thick...
still full of unshed raindrops.
They were fat and gray and seemed ready to burst.

Colors began to materialize in the sky before me.
Stretching her toes right into the sea,
till she seemed to be standing on the horizon --
My Lady Rainbow came down from the clouds.

Violet and blue and yellow and orange and red -- she glowed at me.
Together we rejoiced in the birth of this newly-cleansed day.
Together we observed the early morning birds, surfers and sailors.
Together we listened to the sounds of another morning beginning,
the sounds of the restless sea.
We smiled at one another and then she slipped away --
Climbed back into her heavenly home.

I felt gentle, wet drops falling and I turned to go.
Then the rain came down harder and all its boundless energy flowed into me
and I ran and I sang and I laughed and I danced and my spirit soared.
And I hurried down the dock to its musical rhythm.

And I climbed aboard into my snug little boat,
Thankful for the treat of celebrating this glorious morn
with My Lady -- the Rainbow.

Kristina Swan
Yar Teku
Ala Wai Harbor
Honolulu, HI

My Lady Rainbow wishes you all a GLORIOUS day!! 

Join The Apple & I again next week as we
continue on our intrepid journey!

The Name Game

Hello again!

Welcome to the further adventures of The Apple & I!

Once planted, my precious little seedling now needed a name.

I thought about how I had named my practice.  Initially it was pretty plain and straightforward:  my name...Swan...+ what I did...Chiropractic. 
Ta Da!  Swan Chiropractic.  Done!

But, as time went on and I evolved as a healer, adding all kinds of goodies to my healing basket, I realized that name was not descriptive enough.

Take the word 'Chiropractic' for example. 
What did that conjure up in most people's minds?  Well, adjusting, of go see a Doctor of Chiropractic to get your spine adjusted, right?

Right! I mentioned before,
I was an unconventional healer and that held true
 even within my own alternative healing world. 
For, as my patients can attest, I was quite unlike many of my colleagues.

Not for me the so-called "rack 'em & crack 'em" approach wherein patients "assumed the position" by lying passively on my adjusting table while I pushed, pulled or thrusted.

No.  For starters, I specialized in extremely gentle yet effective low force techniques
 and rarely was there a "crack" to be heard! 
I also strongly believed in thorough patient education and active participation in their treatment programs.

"You're not gonna just lay there like a beached whale."  I explained:
"I am your body whisperer...trained to interpret what your body has to say
whereupon together we will take action!" 
This mindset enhanced my efforts + was very empowering for my patients.

Also, my adjustments were not confined to the spine but included the whole body:
"We're gonna go from your toes to your nose" is how I put it, hahaha!

Added to this were the aforementioned "goodies":  extensive soft tissue work,
neuromuscular re-education, aromatherapy, Raindrop Technique,
physical rehab programs, cleansing & weight management, ergonomic consulting, etc...etc...etc...

The common denominator here, of course, was healing...i.e. Wellness...
and could all be obtained in one place...i.e. Center. 
Therefore 'Swan Chiropractic' became 'Swan Wellness Center'.

All of this was, if you'll pardon the pun, tremendous
'food for thought' as I contemplated naming my little seedling.

Because a name is more than just a way to differentiate "A" from "B", isn't it? 
I wanted my little seedling's name to be descriptive, distinctive and delicious!! 
I wanted it to also reflect the mission of The Apple & I
healing the world through delicious food that is healthy and wholesome!

I recalled something else the beloved patient who
had been SO instrumental in The Apple & I even starting this journey had said: 
"This applesauce is simply orgasmic!" 
"Maybe I should call it 'Apple Orgasm'" I ventured to her.
"Oh my," said she:  "That is perhaps a little too..."
"Risque?  Perhaps so.  After all, it's applesauce...not a sex toy", I laughed:
"We'll have to think of a synonym for 'orgasm'".

What would an apple orgasm feel like?  We pondered. 
What does ANY orgasm feel like, for that matter? feels like...why, it feels like bliss!!!

"'Apple Bliss'", I shouted!  "THAT'S the name!!" 
And so it was (and is, hahaha!).  It fulfilled all my requirements:
descriptive, distinctive, delicious +
it reflected my mission cuz a healed world would be sheer bliss!  YAY!!!!

However, there was still another wrinkle in this name game. 
I also needed a company name and wanted to include my personal name somehow. 
This was MY baby!  Plus, this was truly a love affair. 
I loved being a Doctor, a was my was my PASSION! 
Also, it was 'street cred', so to speak.  After all, this wasn't just any ol' applesauce! 
It wasn't 'Joe Blow's' applesauce! 
It was Dr. Swan's applesauce!!

H'mmm.  Dr. Swan's Applesauce. 
Somehow, that sounded too clinical as in: 
"Eat some applesauce and call me in the morning!"  HaHaHa!

I recalled yet another patient who always greeted me with a cheery: "Hey, Doc!" 
That sounded more fun: 'Doc Swan's Applesauce'. 
Now we were getting somewhere! 
Wait a minute, though!  I forgot about those ever pesky legalities, dang nabbit!!

Legally, anytime a Doctor of Chiropractic wants to use the title 'Dr.' in any type of advertising, it must be qualified by adding 'DC' cuz, gawd forbid, someone might mistake you for an MD!

OK, then: 'Doc Swan DC Applesauce'.  Done!
Something was still missing. 
It was still too plain, like 'Swan Chiropractic' had been. 
It wasn't special, it wasn't...hold on there just a red hot minute!  That's it: 'special'!

Eureka!  'Doc Swan DC Specialties'. 
THAT would be my company name so, down the road, I could add other products, too!  YIPPEE!!  Doin' the happy dance now!  Woo-Hoo!!

May I therefore present, dear friends, my little seedling! 
Meet 'Apple Bliss', brought to you courtesy of 'Doc Swan DC Specialties'!

Now, it's YOUR turn! 
Please share with me:
Your thoughts on the results of my name game
and:  How did you name your business?

Meet ya here next week for the ever continuing adventures of:  The Apple & I.  xoxoxoxo

The Seed Is Planted

Greetings, All!

Dr. Kristina K. Swan D.C. is my name (but you can call me Kristina)
and applesauce is (going to be) my game!

Yes, indeedy, The Apple & I are embarking on an adventure together...
and YOU'RE invited along!!

HOW, you may well ask, did a Doctor of Chiropractic and apples become an "item"? 
After all, apples supposedly keep Doctors away, right? hahaha!

The Apple & I...ours is a story of chance...a chance encounter...a random experiment... unexpected reaction...the fickle finger of fate, so to speak.

I'm a healer, always have been, always will be...albeit an unconventional one. 
My patients knew I would always be there for them, no matter what! 
I once showed up to treat an emergency patient in my bellydance get-up...
...because he called just as I was leaving dance class. 
Another time it was my PJs because I was already in bed when a frantic patient called. 
We later had a good laugh about how scandalized her son was when he heard about this. 
"He always has been kinda uptight", my patient confided between giggles.

I gave them funny squishy toys when they needed hand/wrist strengthening exercises,
fuzzy children's pillows to support their low backs in their vehicles
instead of boring old lumbar rolls, stuck stickers on them to celebrate treatment milestones,
used big bouncy balls for exercising protocols and fruit-scented bubbles for them to blow: 
"Put your troubles in your bubbles & blow them away" for anxious patients or:
"Each bubble is a pound you've lost" for cleansing/weight loss patients etc...etc... 
Bottom line:  we had a LOT of fun & they never knew quite what to expect at my office, haha!!

One day, whilst out walking, I paused to chat with a neighbor and pet his kitty. 
Kitty was quite shy and slipped behind an enormous pile of junk in the driveway. 
As  I approached to coax her out I saw, much to my surprise, that there was a much neglected yet heavily laden apple tree behind the junk mountain! 
"Wow", I said to my neighbor: "I never noticed you had an apple tree before!" 
"Yes," he replied: "And they're really good.  I'll bring you some!" 
"Ok," I said and continued on my merry way thinking nothing of it.

Several days later I came home to discover a simply gi-normous amount of apples
on my front steps.  "My goodness!",  I thought as I lugged about eleventy-hundred pounds of apples into the kitchen: "Whatever shall I do with all these friggin' apples?" 
Yikes!!  It was an apple avalanche!! 
The solution was, of course, as you already know:  make applesauce!!

The problem was: I had never made applesauce before. 
"Oh well," I thought: "How hard can it be?? 
It ain't rocket science!  Just throw 'em in a pot and see what happens!!" 
So, the chance encounter with my neighbor now became the random experiment. 
I tossed in this & that & that & this until I pronounced it: "Yummy!"

"My goodness!", I thought again as I looked at my results: a veritable vat of applesauce. 
I didn't know whether to eat it or climb in and take a bath, hahaha! 
"Whatever shall I do with all this friggin' applesauce?" 
The solution was, of course, as I'm sure you've already surmised: feed it to my patients.

Darling patients!! 
For days & days (weeks even!) they were greeted, treated, hugged, perhaps a star stuck on their foreheads...and sent home with applesauce. 
Being used to my eccentricities, they were delighted...and LOVED the applesauce.

Still, one patient's reaction was completely unexpected. 
"OMG!!", she said:  "This is bar none the BEST applesauce I've ever tasted!! 
My husband and I are fighting over it with 'dueling spoons'! 
You simply MUST bottle it and sell it!!" 
"My goodness!", I said to her:  "And here I have been pondering whatever shall I do once I decide to quit actively practicing!" 
The solution was, of course, as you have no doubt guessed dear friends:
The Apple & I have become an "item".

No longer practicing, I am in transition from hands-on healing to healing through food. 
"Good health through good food", that's my motto.  The Apple & I are on a mission to share with the world delicious food that is also healthy and wholesome.

I have NO experience in the food industry...absolutely zip, zilch, nada!!! 
So it is QUITE an adventure The Apple & I are embarking upon!!  And, as I said initially: YOU'RE invited along on our journey!

So, COME ON!!!! 
Join The Apple & I as we go from this little seed of idea/intention
 to the fruit of implementation!

See you here next week for another thrilling installment (hahaha) of:
The Apple & I: A Journey.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts!! 


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